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Supreme Court justices are nominated and confirmed in part because they have records indicating they will support an anti-abortion agenda. Critics calling for the government to "defund" Planned Parenthood for which abortions make up approximately 3 percent of all the organization's services fail to seriously consider the ramifications for those who rely on Planned Parenthood's necessary cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing, and both sex and reproductive education services.

States like Missouri, Kentucky, Utah, and Tennessee continue to pass abortion restrictions devoid of scientific evidence that tie up clinics and providers in red tape with the explicit purpose of making abortions more challenging or even outright impossible for some women especially women of color to access. These targeted legislative hit jobs have led to the rise of unethical crisis pregnancy centers , which are notorious for using coercive tactics to counsel reluctant women against abortion. This past June, the Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that these centers need not provide abortion information to pregnant visitors.

Finally, inaccuracies and flat-out lies about abortion — that having an abortion will hurt a woman's future fertility, or that women who have abortions are more likely to suffer mental health issues or develop breast cancer — continue to perpetuate a toxic cycle of shame and ignorance. The truth is, despite declining rates, abortion is a common experience for women in the United States, as nearly one in four will terminate a pregnancy in her lifetime.

In fact, it's so common that Catholic women have abortions at relatively the same rate as all women. The reasons for terminating a pregnancy can be complex and related to a multitude of personal, medical, and socioeconomic factors beyond whether the woman is for or against abortion. Arguments that rob women of the choice to prioritize their own bodies, desires, and lives reduce women to being of second importance. Some in the anti-abortion movement will argue that they believe women deserve better than abortion. I agree with them on part of that sentence: that women deserve better.

My counter argument is that abortion — much like comprehensive health and reproductive care, policies that mandate paid family leave, and unfettered access to birth control — can be part of that better for women living in a society that purports to value freedom and choice, but only for some.

To be transparent: I have never had an abortion because I have never been pregnant. This fact, however, neither discredits my opinion nor discounts my voice. I also have never before had this discussion out loud and with other women. It was only at this most recent Women's March, as I walked with my friends in the cordoned-off streets of Washington, D.

After all, it was an appropriate setting.

Personal Essay on Growing Up Anti-Abortion

On our way to the gathering point, we stepped over remainders of the previous day's March for Life. Anti-abortion stickers stuck to metal sign posts. A box three-fourths-filled with leftover anti-abortion posters. Discarded flyers and buttons being swept up in the street. To me, they were strange reminders of the life I had once lived. A life I left for one of choice and possibility for myself, my sisters, the women I do and don't know, and, should I choose to have them, my daughters.

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Gardens PM. More traffic reports. They argue that the Roe provisions violate the Declaration of Independence and the 14th Amendment of the U. S Constitution Randolph, Conservationists argue that abortion goes against the societal social norms and values. They claim that perpetuating abortion devalues the principal tenets of societal norms by disrespecting human dignity Borgmann, As a result, the opinion of Conservationists is that abortion is a social vice which should be condemned.

Moreover, it is true to assert that, the legal provisions in most state laws, which permit abortion at certain medical risks, are relatively partial, especially with regard to the legal framework because; they perpetrate health inequity in the society. These laws violate the constitutional requirement that abortion should be restricted during the third trimester because; it is often fatal; thus, most women may wish to induce birth before the expected dates to have an abortion performed under the health risk legal provisions.

Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Essay, 7 Pages, Grade: 1. P K Patrick Kimuyu Author. Add to cart. Thesis Statement Although abortions are illegal in majority of states, in the United States, I think it should be legal in all 50 states. History of Abortion Laws in the United States The history of abortion dates back to the s when settlers were establishing their settlements, in the United States.

Roe vs Wade Case In Supreme Court made a landmark decision granting women the right to have abortions in the first three months, stating those rights belongs to the woman and her doctor, not the government. Women Rights The Supreme Court ruling upheld women rights for privacy and freedom to make decisions on birth control, especially with regard to bearing and rearing children.

Current Legal Situation The current legal situation seems to be quite different from the situation between and when the terms Roe were upheld. Public Opinion The public seems to have varied opinions with some states becoming increasing polarized on abortion, and lawmakers are passing tighter restrictions while some are seeking stronger legal protection for it.

Arguments In regard to the Islamic religion, the Shariah law, which governs the social life of Muslims, permits abortion on various circumstances Syed, Counter-arguments On the other hand, the Republican Party opposes legalization of abortion, citing the protection of human rights. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Health - Public Health Sex-selective abortion.

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A brief summary. Sociology - Medical Care Should abortion be legal? Sociology - Gender Studies Should Prostitution be legalized?