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Share This Page. Joint Program in Financial Economics. Start an Application. Follow the best minds in Business. Research gift from Microsoft Corporation Milton Fund research grant, Harvard University Elected Valedictorian by a vote of the Princeton faculty Birch Family Prize, to the Finance Certificate student with the best grades in finance classes George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize for exceptional academic achievement in the junior year at Princeton University Elected in the fall of senior year to Phi Beta Kappa with a dozen other students Twice, Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence to top 35 students in each of the sophomore and junior classes at Princeton , Average course evaluation rating: 4.

Initial placement: post-doctoral fellowship at KU Leuven. Initial placement: post-doc at University of Oxford. The research assistant program is designed to bring recent graduate wishing to gain research experience prior to pursuing a Ph. The program is a 2-year appointment in Cambridge, MA working with economist affiliated with Microsoft Research. Many of our research assistants have taken classes at Harvard or MIT to augment their preparation for graduate school. Below are the research assistants by the year they joined.

For information on openings, please see the posted job description. Kelly graduated from Brown University in with B. After graduating, she spent 2 years at Microsoft in Redmond as a software engineer working on internal tools for Office While at Microsoft, she started a collaboration with the MIT Media Lab to design developer tools that use behavioral nudges to encourage better engineering practices. Kelly is currently pursuing her M. Surya graduated from New York University in with a B. Prior to Oxford, he studied mathematics at the University of St.

Thomas and worked in research on automated reassembly computer vision problems at the University of Minnesota. He is broadly interested in algorithmic design and applied micro theory after doing a thesis on budget constrained bidders within multi-object auctions. He is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Wayfair. Before joining Microsoft, he worked as an economic analyst at Wells Fargo Securities. He is currently a Ph.

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Aaron completed an M. Aaron earned his B. His is currently working toward his Ph. Michael graduated from Columbia University in with a B. Michael is currently pursuing a Ph.

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Eva graduated from Brown University in with a B. After completing her work at Microsoft, Eva began working toward a Ph. Matthew graduated from Northwestern University in with a B. While there, he worked as a co-op in a speech processing research group at the Department of Defense.

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Sebastian received his B. He wrote his senior Thesis on the effect of default options on tipping by exploiting a natural experiment in NY taxi cabs. Sebastian is currently a Ph.

Siddarth graduated from Harvard University with a B. He wrote a thesis on causal inference for networked populations advised by Edoardo Airoldi and is interested in pursuing research at the intersection of economics, law, machine learning, and complexity theory. Ishita graduated from Duke in with a B. Her senior thesis looked at the economic indicators of the onset and severity of civil conflicts. Ishita is currently pursuing her Ph. Jonathan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.

After working at Microsoft, he headed back to California to pursue his Ph. Kyle graduated with a B. Christian received his B. He is mainly interested in research on social networks, behavioral economics, and labor economics, and how economics interacts with cognitive psychology, moral philosophy, linguistics, law, and epistemology. After finishing his research at Microsoft, Rob completed his Ph.

He is now working as a Core Data Scientist at Facebook. Samuel graduated from Yale College in May with a B.

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His senior essay, written under Sigridur Benediktsdottir, focused on the efficiency of relationship lending in the U. Following his work at Microsoft, he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his Ph. Zhenyu Lai received his B. After his time at Microsoft, Zhenyu completed his Ph. Zarek received his B.

Joint Program in Financial Economics

His senior thesis focused on the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act minimum education standards on risky behavior in young adults. Following his time at Microsoft, he decided to pursue his Ph. Following his work at Microsoft, Bryan completed his M. Jeff received his B.

He wrote his undergraduate honor thesis under Emmanuel Saez on the Fiscal Stimulus in China; while the master thesis centered in empirically testing the inter-family transfer motivation in China. After completing his work at Microsoft, Jeff went on to pursue a Ph. Daniel received his BA in mathematics and economics from the University of Chicago in the spring of After Microsoft, he completed his Ph. His senior thesis is under review for publication and focused on the household outcomes of water privatization in Albania.

He wrote his thesis with Raj Chetty on optimal taxation, focusing on simple graduated systems. After his time at Microsoft, he completed his Ph. Josh is now a faculty member in the finance department of the University of Utah.

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Alex received his B.