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There is no formula for organizing a history paper: the structure of your work must come from your subject, your thesis, and the way you deal with your material. Tables, charts, and illustrations can be an effective way to present your evidence.

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However, they do not stand alone, or substitute for effective discussion of the evidence in the body of your paper. Writing style is unique to the individual writer, but it is not something you either "have" or "don't have. The historian must provide evidence to support her or his interpretation of the past, and a well-chosen quotation from that evidence can often convey the flavor of an era as well.

What’s the Story Behind Your Name?

Use quotations wisely. Misquotes or poorly-chosen quotations will lose your reader. As a student you may be asked to write a bibliographical or historiographical essay. This assignment really asks you to do a form of historiography , the study of the writing of history.

The Meaning Behind Your Name

A bibliographical essay explains and analyzes what various historians have written about a particular subject. The quality of your work will rest on how well you choose the works to consider whether or not you have chosen a representative group of works and how well you analyze what you have found. In that sense, the assignment is no different from a more traditional research paper, which is also judged on the quality of the research and the analysis.

Remember that a bibliographical essay is an essay , not a simple annotated bibliography. It must have a thesis, that is, a statement that makes an analytical judgment about the historical interpretations and treatments of the subject you are investigating. The organization of a bibliographical essay should stem from your thesis: it should group historians and their work according to their approaches to the subject, and not just string together a series of separate reviews.

I am going to analyze the importance of names from the point of view of history, culture, religion and geography. Name is the simplest element, which emphasizes the originality of a human being.

Holocaust and Human Behavior

Every individual has his own name. Naturally, some names are very popular and one can meet a great number of people with the same name. On the contrary, there are original names, which occur rarely. It is possible to observe the problem of naming from the point of view of geography. It is easy to notice, that some names occur exclusively on the definite territory.

Names and Identity | Facing History and Ourselves

When you hear the name Olaf, you understand that its owner comes from Scandinavia. If you hear the name Olga, it is associated with Germany. Consequently, every name has its motherland. With the run of time, names migrated to other nations and languages.

No wonder, you can meet such names as Helen, Ann, Alex and Paul in any part of the world. When we observe the importance of names from the point of view of history, we will understand that they have survived a long process of evolution. The original prehistoric names had the different meaning and pronunciation.

Notes from a Baby-Names Obsessive

It is connected with the changes in grammar and stylistics of the language. Grammatical changes have influenced the evolution of names, their pronunciation and spelling. It is important to analyze names from the cultural approach. Moreover, I will focus on the social side of this issue. It does not worth mentioning that there were noble and common names. When people lived in tribes, the most influential members had the right to name their children in the sophisticated way. The common people named their children simpler. Centuries ago, parents tried to choose the best name to their child, because they believed in its meaning.

The nobility chose the most sophisticated and complex names, which could emphasize their noble origin and social status.

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