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The American Obesity Epidemic essays

The amount of weight gained by an individual is definitely multiply determined, meaning that the amount of fat in ones body is dependent on ones gender, age, and socioeconomic status. Research shows that for most individuals weight is not stationary, but changes over time. As individuals grow old, their normal metabolic activities reduce significantly, though their energy requirements and intake remain the same or at times it increases. This means that as adults continue to grow, they continue gaining weight as they age Schlosser Research studies shows that their several causes of obesity epidemic, but the major cause has been identified to be the overconsumption of the American diet.

The term American diet is in most cases used in reference to dietary habit that is practiced by many people in developed countries though it is as well increasingly being practiced in developing countries Catherine It is a dietary habit that is highly associated with the high consumption of red meat, sugary desserts, foods high in fat content, as well as refined grained.

It is as well a major characteristic for this diet to include dairy products that are high in fats, drinks that have high sugar contents as well as eggs. A distinct characteristic of this diet is the fact that these foods are consumed as fast foods referring to foods that can be prepared and served quickly. This is not in reference to foods that have a low preparation time but rather foods sold in restaurants containing ingredients that are either preheated or precooked.

This form of diet has to a large extent been facilitated by the busy nature of the American society that leaves less time for individuals to prepare their own food. As such obesity becomes a serious concern for the society based on the fact that it is a health risk that is faced by majority of the society. Another aspect that makes it a serious concern for the American society is the factor that influences its occurrence. The argument in this is the fact that the increased incidences of obesity within the American society result from the increased consumption of the American diet.

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On the other hand, the economic set up of the society influences the overdependence of the society on the consumption of unhealthy diet. This is based on the fact that the global society operates a 24hour economy which is rather very competitive thus many individual spend most of their time in work related activities. As such they have minimal time to prepare their food resulting in the consumption of junk food despite its addressed health concerns.

BMI does not measure body fat directly, and it does not account for age, sex, ethnicity, or muscle mass in adults. However, it uses standard weight status categories that can help doctors to track weight status across populations and identify potential issues in individuals. Calculating BMI involves measuring a person's height and body weight.

What Is Obesity?

Since most people measure height in centimeters cm , divide height in cm by to get height in meters. The following table shows standard weight status categories associated with BMI ranges for adults.

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A BMI of less than You are recommended to ask your doctor or a dietitian for advice. A BMI of By maintaining a healthy weight, you lower your risk of developing serious health problems. You may be advised to lose some weight for health reasons. You are recommended to talk to your doctor or a dietitian for advice. A BMI of over 30 indicates that you are heavily overweight. Your health may be at risk if you do not lose weight.

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However, measuring BMI in children and teens is slightly different. Girls and boys develop at different rates and have different amounts of body fat at different ages.

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For this reason, BMI measurements during childhood and adolescence take age and sex into consideration. Doctors and other health professionals do not categorize children by healthy weight ranges because:. Doctors calculate BMI for children and teens in the same way as they do for adults, by measuring height and weight. This will indicate whether the child is within a healthy range. First, click here for the calculator. BMI is not accurate enough to use as a diagnostic tool, but it can screen for potential weight problems in adults and children.

The numbers behind obesity

If someone has a high or low BMI, a doctor or other healthcare professional might then consider other factors, such as:. The doctor or healthcare professional can then make diet and exercise recommendations based on these results. Carrying extra weight as a child or teenager can also pose significant health risks, both during childhood and into adulthood.

As with adult obesity, childhood obesity increases the risk of various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Portions of Mind and Stomach. New York: Boulevard Publishing, Remember Me. What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other.

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