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Last month, I caught up with a few of my former students admitted to Cal.

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I will illustrate a success story as an example below. Here is her Personal Statement 2.

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I had no choice but to confront constant torments head on. The experience of family conflicts has helped shape my personality. A valuable trait forged out of my experience was tolerance. After my mom left for America, the 8-year-old me was under the care of a cold house maid hired by my compulsorily gambling dad. I later immigrated to the U.

Mom was very disappointed that I failed to match her preconceptions of me. She attributed the root of my so-called "bad habits" to the house maid's uncouth and provincial influence in China. Mom proceeded to "correct" me and my life habits. As a way of exercising her dominance over me, she would sometimes slap or even whip me.

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On my part, my nostalgia towards my idyllic life back in China sometimes caused me to resent her materialistic life style. When I tried to convince her that a single plane ticket to hometown was more valuable than thousands of classy items that she spent money on, she took my words as deliberate defiance. The collisions between us intensified when mom had to separate from her wealthy American husband for raising me. She blamed me for undermining their relationship as she later fought with him on financial issues.

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Always the target of her severe scolding and venting on any slightest excuse, I found that the best strategy to deal with her petulant outbursts was to maintain absolute silence. Yet the motto was easier said than practiced. There were occasions when mom pushed me over my limits. Coping with the aftermaths of these situations nurtured my introspection and enhanced my human capacity.

I once ran away from home after a fierce fight with mom. No longer able to bear the mental traumas, I escaped to strange cities alone and slept on the streets of San Francisco. In mortal fear of mom and utter desperation, I continued my wandering until I met an estranged yet compassionate grocery cart-pushing street person. From her stories over a meal she bought for me, I learned that she was hiding from her husband who tried to stalk and kill her. I then realized my folly and willfulness.

I ran away from mom in order to obtain freedom, but ended up exposing myself to other potential dangers outside. The episode helped me redefine freedom as free from fatal threats, not from personal plights. Evolving from a discontented child under mom's control to a full-grown individual, I have eventually reconciled with my mom.

Thanks to my past pains, I am now well prepared to face future challenges with aplomb. You can tell through the vivid, if not powerful, storytelling that Lulu addressed astutely the three yes, there are three interconnected questions in the Personal Statement 2 prompt. On her Personal Statement 1, she wrote about her passion for math and how the experience has shaped her aspirations to be a topologist.

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For any applicant, these two essays must indeed be personal, genuine, profound. This additional informational request could be a good sign. Hint: if you're a Cal freshman applicant for fall , don't travel around in the second half of January to early February! Last January, Cal picked Lulu as one of these students, inviting her to respond within ten days to a separate supplement comprising of fourteen questions. Lulu was attending a small private high school with very limited resources. The following is a part of her response:. Question: Did you have a desire to take more advanced college preparatory courses offered at your school?

If yes, please describe what prevented you. I definitely desired to take more advanced college preparatory courses and be as resourceful as possible at my school. Because of the limited number of teachers, the courses are usually only offered at a certain period. Because many people in my grade do not wish to take these courses, the course scheduling is set in a way that fits the majority.

Also, school faculty members often discourage students to have a curriculum that they deem too competitive. Any student who wants to take more than two AP courses has to have permission from both the teacher and the principal. The most serious problem that prevented me from taking advanced college preparatory courses is simply the lack of them at my school. I have taken all of the offered AP courses, except for one, from my school. To complement the sparse courses, I have taken college-level courses online, but the workload of many required, non-college-prep courses at school have limited the number of challenging online courses I can afford to spend time on.

How much did your family encourage or help you to prepare for a four-year college? Sample requires a critical element in your chances at berkeley, such as to write a personal statements. Looking for instance, and a teaching philosophy statement? Here's a winning personal statement examples:.

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