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Therefore, parents who allow their child or children to use these devices on a daily basis are helping them to develop critical skills. On the other hand, there are long term effects that are associated with over use of computers.

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If children spent too much time using the computer to play games or surfing the internet, and less time acquiring skills necessary for social interaction they can find it difficult to communicate appropriately. Overall, in my view, using computers on a daily basis have both pros and cons, that are of equal important to young people. Therefore, parents need to have rules as to how much time their child or children are allow to use the computer each day.

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Oct 07, Worst essay. Dec 02, gud by: jagpinder singh bhelley In today's modern world, computers are needed everyday.

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Around the world, children use computers from the time they are little. It's true that children should have fun when they are young; however, in my opinion, a child who knows how to use the computer will be more successful in the future. My reasons for this view are personal, academic and professional. From a personal point of view, computers can help young people to learn more about the world. For example, some children use the Internet to find information on different subjects. In this way, they learn to find answers by themselves.

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By using the computer when they are little, children feel more comfortable around computers. They also know how to use the computer for different reasons. From an academic viewpoint, children have to learn how to use this new invention. For instance, when I was in college, many students used to bring their laptops to class.

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They used to take notes, do research and share information. They wrote their essays, made presentations and created useful lists. Children who can use the computer when they are young have more confidence than other children. From a professional perspective, the computer is found in every kind of office.

Today, employers will still hire people who cannot use computers and give them computer training. But tomorrow, companies will expect people to have these skills already. As a result, by encouraging children to use the computer for a short time every day, parents are preparing their children for future jobs. In conclusion, it is clear that computers are now a part of our regular life. Children who can use computers easily and confidently will do better in the future.

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Computer Dependence by ragini India Students are becoming weaker in reading and writing as they are depending on computers very much. Impacts on Young Children by Renu rai Ludhiana. Jun 20, comment by: Anonymous The content or idea is in line but the delivery the grammar is below par. Jul 04, Thank you by: Anonymous Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English listening and speaking. I do hope that you will share more new things to me. Best wishes, Tem Thim.

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Recent Articles. Connect with us. Search site search by freefind advanced. Comments for Computer Essays Click here to add your own comments. May 02, Essay feedback by: IELTS buddy Just a couple of comments that you need to be aware of: Be very careful to analyse the topic and task carefully.

Thank you. May 03, I took your advice, please review. Feb 02, It was good i like it by: Sakina Essa It was very good i like it because it helped me in my homework a lot! Oct 07, Worst essay. Dec 02, Jan 17, Sep 08, Good article by: Matthew Our company. Dec 10, Jan 15, In the end computers skills are essential in everyday life and school.

Students who gain the skills in high school definitely have an advantage in college. After looking at the role computer skills play in classwork, online work, and communicating with faculty, it should be a lot clearer to see why these machines are so important. The relevance of the computer will only grow in the coming future. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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The rise of innovation can be traced to the human race getting smarter. According to the Flynn Effect, general IQ has begun to rise since the s. The average IQ has risen from 80 points to points. While innovations in travel and multimedia improved collective intelligence, these were mainly passive forms of learning. Today, computer applications and the global brain have switched on active learning and improved how fast people learn new things.

Information technology fosters innovation in business. Innovation results in smarter apps, improved data storage, faster processing, and wider information distribution. Innovation makes businesses run more efficiently. And innovation increases value, enhances quality, and boosts productivity. Businesses that have embraced the innovation paradigm tend to have the following characteristics:.

The technological revolution has improved businesses this century in the following five primary ways:. Improved hardware more memory, faster processors, sharper visual displays, etc combined with smarter applications Mindmapping software like X Mind, collaborative software like Kanban boards, organizers like Google calendar, etc have made it easier to research data, analyze it, and plan scalability. Many tools available to solve complex problems. Good decisions in business are based on solid market research. This can be done through engaging teams through video conferences, reviewing public sentiment on social media and industry forums, and using online surveys to get customer feedback.

Internet marketing using online advertising methods SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads are far more accurate ways than traditional marketing of finding target audiences, discovering their needs, and building a marketing campaign to persuade them to buy. Customers can receive support from multiple channels telephone, emails, social media platforms, webinars, and so on. Additionally, customer relationship management systems help businesses understand customer behavior. If the purpose of business is to increase profits, then innovation is the way to make more profits, faster. The story of Jan Koum gives us a clue how much big businesses value innovation.