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We interviewed Mugtaba Gourashi, Foundation Business Student, who just sat the live essay task and this is what he thought. How did you find the experience? I actually quite liked the experience of getting an essay finished there and then rather than it taking up so much of my study time. I obviously had prepped but you could not prep to the same level as if you were doing a normal essay.

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Did you feel like you had enough time? The time went so quick because I was just writing and trying to get everything down that I could. I did think I would run out of time but it was fine in the end. What was the hardest thing?

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The hardest thing was the time and also the referencing as that takes a lot of time in itself. What advice would you give to any student who was about to sit a live essay?

I took in some rough skeleton plans on a few topics and then when I knew the question I knew what template to use. That preparation meant that I could just recite a lot of my notes rather than start from scratch.

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After the experience do you prefer live essays or normal style essays? I think I might prefer live essays because I felt like I had less time to worry and it was all over in an hour rather than weeks of work. Simon Thompson also mentioned in the future he might look at increasing the five minute reading time at the start to a fifteen minute reading and drafting period prior to the hour for writing.

Simple things like learning to cook for yourself or trying to! Also, having space and time away from a familiar environment allows you to develop as a person and reflect upon who you are or want to become. As well as the education, a uni degree gives you the benefit of broadening your horizons. Living in a new place will give you the chance to experience a different culture.

The UK is expansive and no matter where you go, life will be different from another place. Immersing yourself in a new environment will teach you many things and give you the opportunity to experience things you wouldn't otherwise. One of the big parts of university is the people. University is a way of meeting people from all across the country and further afield sometimes. Building relationships with people of different backgrounds helps make you a more rounded person. Some of the best friends are found at university!

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Visit the rest of our blog for more tips and posts. Is This Cheating? Benefit 1: Wider employment options University gives you the chance for a career, not just a job. Benefit 2: Make a positive impact on society The educational and transferrable skills you pick up at university will lead you into making a more positive impact on society and the economy.

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Benefit 3: Graduate salaries are worth it It is not a lie that a graduate will earn more than someone that didn't enter into higher education. Benefit 4: Learn to become independent Gaining independence is a big part of a university lifestyle.

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Benefit 5: Cultural and social experiences As well as the education, a uni degree gives you the benefit of broadening your horizons. Start your project now. Quick Enquiry Use the form below to send a quick enquiry. Your Name. Email Address.

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