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Munro as the first Canadian woman to win the Nobel in literature. On Twitter, congratulations rolled in from publishers, literary magazines and fellow writers including Margaret Atwood and Nathan Englander. Readers used Twitter to send messages with Munro quotations. Some people wondered if Ms. Munro knew that she wanted to be a writer from the time that she was a teenager and wrote consistently while she helped her first husband, James Munro, run a bookstore and raise their three daughters. She said she fell into writing short stories, the form that would make her famous, somewhat by accident.

I suppose that my trying to get so much into stories has been a compensation. Throughout her career, she has drawn from the setting of her home of rural Ontario and frequently expanded on themes of sex, desire, work, discontent and aging. Roth and Ms. Munro were the subject of even more intense speculation than usual this year because they had made similar recent pronouncements that they were finished with writing. The announcement continues a losing streak for American writers, who have been passed over for 20 years.

The last American to win the prize was Toni Morrison, in Retrieved August 22, The Toronto Star. April 3, Archived from the original on Archived from the original PDF on The Winnipeg Free Press. June 3, Calgary Herald. November 4, January 4, USA Today. January 11, Los Angeles Times. January 10, The Guardian.

May 20, The Walrus. February Kay Boyle Kay boyle 20th century writer and political activist. Coral Bracho Coral bracho Contemporary Mexican poet. Martin Brady Martin brady. Kamau Brathwaite Kamau brathwaite Contemporary Caribbean writer. Robert Bray Robert bray. Edwin Brock Edwin brock 20th century British poet. Andrew Bromfield Andrew bromfield. William Bronk William bronk 20th century American poet. Christine Brooke-Rose Christine brooke rose British experimental writer and literary critic. Thomas Browne Thomas browne 17th Century English writer.

Buddha Buddha. Mikhail Bulgakov Mikhail bulgakov 20th century Russian novelist, playwright and journalist. Thomas Bunstead Thomas bunstead Spanish translator. Basil Bunting Basil bunting Modernist poet of the 20th century and journalist.

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Joan Burke Joan burke. Frederick Busch Frederick busch 20th century American short story writer and novelist. Blake Butler Blake butler. Richard Caddell Richard caddell. Nick Caistor Nick caistor Translator from the Spanish. Carol Camper Carol camper. Can Xue Can xue Contemporary Chinese fiction writer and literary critic. Elias Canetti Elias canetti. Veza Canetti Veza canetti 20th century Austrian writer and translator. Ernesto Cardenal Ernesto cardenal Contemporary Nicaraguan theologian and poet.

Rachel Careau Rachel careau American writer and translator. Patrick Carnegy Patrick carnegy Contemporary writer, journalist and scholar. Hayden Carruth Hayden carruth 20th century American poet, literary critic and editor. John Carswell John carswell 20th century British author, biographer and historian. Joyce Cary Joyce cary 20th century Irish novelist and artist.

Clare Cavanagh Clare cavanagh. Blaise Cendrars Blaise cendrars 20th century Swiss Modernist novelist and poet. Martin Chalmers Martin chalmers. Bankim-Chandra Chatterjee Bankim chandra chatterjee 19th century Indian novelist. Lorenzo Chiera Lorenzo chiera. Don Mee Choi Don mee choi Korean poet and translator.

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Michal Choromanski Michal choromanski 20th century Polish novelist. Xi Chuan Xi chuan.

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Chuang Hua Chuang hua 20th century Chinese novelist. Tom Clark Tom clark Contemporary American poet, reviewer and biographer. Chris Clarke Chris clarke. Heather Cleary Heather cleary Translator from the Spanish. Douglas Cleverdon Douglas cleverdon 20th century British writer, publisher, bookseller and radio producer. Stephen Clissold Stephen clissold 20th century British novelist and Council official. Jean Cocteau Jean cocteau 20th century French avant-garde writer, filmmaker and boxing manager.

Jonathan Cohen Jonathan cohen American translator from the Spanish. Isabel Cole Isabel cole. Robert Coles Robert coles Contemporary American writer, professor and psychiatrist. Collins C. Maurice Collis Maurice collis 20th century Irish novelist and historical writer. Archibald Colquhoun Archibald colquhoun. William Cookson William cookson. Cid Corman Cid corman 20th century American poet, editor and translator.

Gregory Corso Gregory corso 20th century American writer and Beat poet. Albert Cossery Albert cossery 20th century Egyptian writer. Linda Coverdale Linda coverdale. Patrick Creagh Patrick creagh 2. Jonathan C. Robert Creeley Robert creeley 20th century poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, editor and teacher. Robyn Creswell Robyn creswell. Michael P. Cronin Michael p cronin. Janet Cropper Janet cropper. Rupert Copeland Cunningham Rupert copeland cunningham.

Curtis S d curtis. Edward Dahlberg Edward dahlberg 20th century expatriate American novelist and essayist. David Daiches David daiches 20th century British author and literary critic. Alain Danielou Alain danielou 20th century French intellectual, philosopher and specialist on Indian culture.

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Guy Davenport Guy davenport 20th century American writer, artist and professor. Moyra Davey Moyra davey. Michael Davidson Michael davidson Contemporary American poet and literary critic. Lydia Davis Lydia davis American translator, novelist, poet, and essayist. Margaret Dawe Margaret dawe Contemporary American writer and journalist. Osamu Dazai Osamu dazai 20th century Japanese novelist. Zora Depolo Zora depolo. Babette Deutsch Babette deutsch. Albert J. Devlin Albert j.

Emily Dickinson Emily dickinson American poet. Katrina Dodson Katrina dodson Translator from the Portuguese. Hilda Doolittle H. Hilda doolittle h. Fyodor Dostoevsky Fyodor dostoevsky Russian writer. Marcia Douglas Marcia douglas Jamaican American writer. Coleman Dowell Coleman dowell 20th century American fiction writer and songwriter for Broadway and television. Edouard Dujardin Douard dujardin 20th century French novelist, playwright and editor.

Jonathan Dunne Jonathan dunne. Richard Eberhart Richard eberhart 20th century American writer and poet. Russell Edson Russell edson Contemporary American prose poet. Magdalena Edwards Magdalena edwards. Eliot T. Richard Ellmann Richard ellman. Michael Emmerich Michael emmerich Japanese translator. William Empson William empson 20th century English literary critic and writer. Shusaku Endo Shusaku endo 20th century Japanese writer. Alison Entrekin Alison entrekin. Caradoc Evans Caradoc evans 20th century Welsh story-writer, journalist, playwright and novelist.

William Everson William everson 20th century American Beat poet and critic. Gavin Ewart Gavin ewart 20th century British poet. Hans Faverey Hans faverey 20th century Dutch poet. John Fein John fein. Betty Ferber Betty ferber. Patricio Ferrari Patricio ferrari Argentine poet, editor, and translator.

Thalia Field Thalia field Contemporary American fiction writer. Leslie A. Fielder Leslie a. Ronald Firbank Ronald firbank 20th century British novelist. Dudley Fitts Dudley fitts 20th century American teacher and translator of Greek. Robert Fitzgerald Robert fitzgerald. Gustave Flaubert Gustave flaubert 19th century French novelist. Angel Flores Angel flores 20th century Puerto Rican writer. Nancy Forest-Flier Nancy forest flier.

Peter France Peter france. Sylvia Frezzolini Severance Sylvia frezzolini severance. Christine Froula Christine froula Contemporary American literary critic and professor. Robin Fulton Robin fulton. Judy Gahagan Judy gahagan Contemporary American writer, poet, teacher, academic psychologist and musician. Rivka Galchen Rivka galchen.

Michael Gallagher Michael gallagher. Jamey Gambrell Jamey gambrell Translator from the Russian. Chloe Garcia Roberts Chloe garcia roberts. John Gardner John gardner 20th century American author. Romain Gary Romain gary Franco-Lithuanian novelist. Gass William h. Atul Gawande Atul gawande. Tom Geddes Tom geddes. Wilhelm Genazino Wilhelm genazino Contemporary German freelance writer.

William Gerhardie William gerhardie 20th century Anglo-Russian novelist, playwright and short story writer. Van C. Gessel Van c. William Gibson William gibson. Stuart Gilbert Stuart gilbert. Oliverio Girondo Oliverio girondo Argentine poet. Ani Gjika Ani gjika Albanian translator and poet. Sheila Faria Glaser Sheila faria glaser. Peter Glassgold Peter glassgold Contemporary American writer and editor. Matthew Gleeson Matthew gleeson Translator. Goethe Goethe German author, poet and philosopher of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Nikolai Gogol Nikolai gogol Nikolai Gogol — was a novelist and political satirist. Francisco Goldman Francisco goldman American writer. Yvan Goll Yvan goll 20th century Franco-German bilingual writer, playwright, novelist, translator and poet. John Goodby John goodby. William Goyen William goyen Author and translator from the French. Yoshimasu Gozo Yoshimasu gozo. Grace Schulman Grace schulman.

Amelia Gray Amelia gray. Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr. Elizabeth t gray jr. Henry Green Henry green 20th century British novelist. Samuel Greenberg Samuel greenberg Austrian poet. Derek Gromadzki Derek gromadzki. Allen Grossman Allen grossman Contemporary American poet. Martin Grzimek Martin grzimek Contemporary German novelist. Gu Cheng Gu cheng 20th century Chinese poet. Guerard Albert j. Leila Guerriero Leila guerriero. Henri Guigonnat Henri guigonnat Henri Guigonnat was a French writer primarily known for his book, Daemon in Lithuania, which is testimony to his humorous, perverse and elegant writing style.

Lars Gustafsson Lars gustafsson Contemporary Swedish novelist, story-writer, poet, critic and professor. Leland Guyer Leland guyer Portuguese translator. Sakutaro Hagiwara Sakutaro hagiwara. Russell Haley Russell haley Contemporary English fiction writer and poet. James B. Hall James b. Michael Hamburger Michael hamburger. Sam Hamill Sam hamill Contemporary American poet.

Knut Hamsun Knut hamsun Norwegian novelist of the 19th and 20th centuries. Peter Handke Peter handke Contemporary Austrian modernist novelist, poet, playwright and drama writer. Geraldine Harcourt Geraldine harcourt Japanese translator. Audrey Harris Audrey harris Translator. Jean Harris Jean harris. Lesley Harrison Lesley harrison. Luis Harss Luis harss Translator from the Spanish. Patricia Haugaard Patricia haugaard.

John Hawkes John hawkes 20th century American novelist. Celia Hawkesworth Celia hawkesworth. Albert Hayes Albert hayes 20th century American editor and professor. Samuel Hazo Samuel hazo Contemporary American poet. Laura Healy Laura healy. Robert Heibling Robert heibling German scholar. Robert Helbling Robert helbling. Jan Heller Levi Jan heller levi. Janet Hendrickson Janet hendrickson Translator. David B. Hobbs David b hobbs. Michael Hofmann Michael hofmann1 Poet and translator from the German. Gert Hofmann Gert hofmann 20th Century German writer and scholar.

Richard Howard Richard howard. Irving Howe Irving howe. Vicente Huidobro Vicente huidobro Chilean poet. Michael Hulse Michael hulse. Maude Hutchins Maude hutchins Maude Hutchins was an American novelist who was noted for her use of the nouveau roman style of writing.


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Mark Hutchinson Mark hutchinson French translator. Qurratulain Hyder Qurratulain hyder Indian novelist, academic and journalist. Sonallah Ibrahim Sonallah ibrahim Egyptian activist and writer. Rachel Ingalls Rachel ingalls American writer. James Irby James irby. Ledo Ivo Ledo ivo Brazilian journalist, poet, novelist, and essayist who favored classical forms and rhythms. Philippe Jaccottet Philippe jaccottet Philippe Jaccottet is a poet and translator who publishes in French.

Anne Jackson Anne jackson American Actress. Fleur Jaeggy Fleur jaeggy Fleur Jaggy is a translator and novelist. Henry James Henry james Henry James was a prolific author and one of the key figures of 19th century literary realism. Elisabeth Jaquette Elisabeth jaquette. Penelope Jardine Penelope jardin.

William Jay Smith William jay smith. Johnson B. Bill Johnston Bill johnston. Maria Jolas Maria jolas.

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Shane Jones Shane jones. Francis R. Jones Francis r. Gabriel Josipovici Gabriel josipovici Gabriel Josipovici is a British novelist, critic and university professor. James Joyce James joyce James Joyce was one of innovators of postmodernism. Stanislaus Joyce Stanislaus joyce s Early 20th century Irish writer and scholar. Toming Jun Liu Toming jun liu. Franz Kafka Franz kafka. Mary Karr Mary karr Contemporary American poet and writer. Donald Keene Donald keene Translator and scholar of Japanese literature.

Thomas Keith Thomas keith. Christoph Keller Christoph keller. Kenyon Critics Kenyon critics. Lee Klein Lee klein. Lucas Klein Lucas klein1 Translator from the Chinese. Rosalie Knecht Rosalie knecht. Tynan Kogane Tynan kogane editor. Kern Krapohl Kern krapohl. Ryszard Krynicki Ryszard krynicki. Tony Kushner Tony kushner. Anna Kushner Anna kushner. Carlton Lake Carlton lake Art critic and collector. Lal P. Deborah Larsen Deborah larsen author of Stitching Porcelain. James Laughlin James laughlin James Laughlin was the founder of New Directions and author of several collections of poetry.

Lawrence D. Ursula K. Le Guin Ursula k. Le Guin is an American writer. Sylvia Legris Sylvia legris Canadian poet. Rosamond Lehmann Rosamond lehmann. Siegfried Lenz Siegfried lenz German author Siegfried Lenz has written novels and produced several collections of short stories, essays, and plays for radio and the theatre.

Giuseppe Leporace Giuseppe leporace.